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Nate and Jaime's story isn't the classic love at first sight, but one of falling deeply in love with your best friend.

It began over the Christmas holiday in 2006. Both recently ended relationships, and were spending their holidays seperately with family. Having met briefly before through mutual friends, they began to chat one evening. What started as picking on each other about whose football team was better (Nate an avid Georgia Bulldog fan and Jaime raised on Florida Gator pride), quickly turned into playful flirting.

After the holidays, Jaime returned to Murfreesboro to celebrate her birthday with her sorority sisters. Since the flirting continued, Jaime asked one of her sisters to make sure Nate was there. Jaime hoped that if Nate felt the same way about her as she did about him, he would definitely come...and he did. Only a couple of weeks went by before they became inseperable and officially began dating, highlighted by an unforgettable first kiss on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, set against the Nashville night skyline, while Nate sang to Jaime, poorly. This is the moment that they knew that this was something special.

Over the next seven years, their relationship had it's share of ups and downs. Within the first year of their relationship, they moved in with one another. On their one year anniversary, Nate proposed to Jaime in Charleston. Life for the two couldn't have been better. Shortly thereafter, however, they both realized that they weren't ready to get married, and decided to break off their engagement.


This decision prompted a change in direction for both Nate and Jaime. Nate decided to attend Graduate School, work with the Middle Tennessee State University Women's Soccer Team, and chase a dream of working in Major League Soccer. Jaime decided to focus on Graphic and Visual Design, began working as a freelance graphic designer, and eventually realized her dream of opening her own Etsy store, PoppyPress Designs.


One thing remained constant throughout the years, Nate and Jaime's love for each other continued to grow as they each began achieving different milestones. Every little song that Nate made up for Jaime, every time Jaime misunderstood the meaning of a common phrase, every pet name they created for each other, their bond continued to grow stronger.  Finally, Nate devised the perfect proposal, flying back from Texas to surprise Jaime in Murfreesboro and asking for her to join him on this chaotic journey through life.  


Nate and Jaime were married in Charleston, SC on May 19th, 2015 in front of their closest friends and family in a ceremony that perfectly depicted their own unique styles and designs.  Since then, the couple have completed their move to Texas, Jaime has opened her second business, Bespoken + Beloved, and Nate has continued working his way up the ladder at FC Dallas of Major League Soccer.  It hasn't been perfect, and it hasn't always been easy, but the love that Nate and Jaime share has made all the ups and downs worth every second they spend together.


Despite Nate not being able to stay awake during movies and Jaime's continual confusion during sporting events, they've always been able to find and bring out the best in each other. Even through all that and multiple moves, they've been best friends and soul mates since the beginning.

fun facts

• have been together for ten years

• have been to charleston eleven times as a couple

• are puppy parents to a maltese-yorkie named myleigh

• share a love of craft beer

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8849 coleman boulevard

apartment no. 311

frisco, texas 75034

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