Nate was born in Nashville, TN but considers Valdosta, GA his hometown. That's where he learned most of his life lessons, like how to love learning new things, how to throw a curveball, and how to properly perform a cannonball into a pool. Its also where he recovered after breaking his neck and where he fostered his love for nearly all sports. After high school, Nate eventually followed his family to Murfreesboro, TN and enrolled in Middle Tennessee State University. It was here that Nate truly began to grow and mature. He became a Founding Father of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, eventually reaching the office of President, and served in numerous leadership roles in different offices around campus.

After finishing his undergraduate degree, he wandered aimlessly for a short time, eventually deciding to work within sports, specifically soccer at the highest levels possible. He began working with the Middle Tennessee Women's Soccer Team, developing relationships with friends and mentors that have helped him reach his professional goals. Shortly thereafter, he began pursuing his Master's of Science in Sport Management, eventually graduating with a knowledge and relationship network that he relies on heavily. He then followed his dream of working in professional soccer to Frisco, TX and with FC Dallas. Though his time in Texas has been short, he has acclimated quickly and have begun being recognized at work for his efforts. The future is bright for Nate, but is only possible with Jaime by his side.

fun facts

• captain of his soccer team in High School

• won his classroom spelling bee in the third grade

• broke his neck on December 25th, 1996, in a go-kart accident

• proud of being from the South

• knows that Barbecue is a food and not an event.

write me

8849 coleman boulevard

apartment no. 311

frisco, texas 75034

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